Ring Sizing

Option 1


Pop in to your local jewellery store and have you finger professionally measured or take a ring that fits your desired finger perfectly and let them measure it for you.


Tip : Finger sizes change as a result of the temperature, fingers are bigger in warmer weather and shrink in colder weather. Measure your fingers at the end of the day and when they are not too cold for the best results.



Option 2


Another option is to measure an existing ring that fits you well. You do this by measuring the diameter of the ring in millimetres


Step 1: Choose a ring that fits the desired finger


Step 2: Measure the INSIDE diameter in millimetres


Step 3: Use the conversion chart to determine your ring size



Internal Diameter (mm) 13.2 13.7 14.1 14.5 14.9 15.3 15.7 16 16.5 16.8
Ring size D E F G H I J K L M


Internal Diameter (mm) 17.3 17.7 18 18.4 18.8 19.2 19.6 20.0 20.4 20.8
Ring size N O P Q R S T U V W
Internal Diameter (mm) Ring Size
13.2 D
13.7 F
14.1 G
14.9 H
15.3 I
15.7 J
16 K
16.5 L
16.8 M
17.3 N
17.7 O
18 P
18.4 Q
18.8 R
19.2 S
19.6 T
20.0 U
20.4 V
20.8 W



  • Make sure you measure the widest part.
  • If you are going for a wider ring (around 5mm or more) most go for one size larger than their normal ring size.
  • When you are in between sizes go for the larger size